Improved Fabrication and Application of electrostatic Phase-Plates

A work showing improved applications with Zach phase-plates has recently been published. The work shows how charging of the phase-plates can be overcome. This allows much better infocus images while changing phase contrast by the phase-plate potential.

Titel: “Improving Fabrication and Application of Zach Phase Plates for Phase-Contrast Transmission Electron Microscopy


Zach phase plates (PPs) are promising devices to enhance phase contrast in transmission electron microscopy. The Zach PP shifts the phase of the zero-order beam by a strongly localized inhomogeneous electrostatic potential in the back focal plane of the objective lens. We present substantial improvements of the Zach PP, which overcome previous limitations. The implementation of a microstructured heating device significantly reduces contamination and charging of the PP structure and extends its lifetime. An improved production process allows fabricating PPs with reduced dimensions resulting in lower cut-on frequencies as revealed by simulations of the electrostatic potential. Phase contrast with inversion of PbSe nanoparticles is demonstrated in a standard transmission electron microscope with LaB6 cathode by applying different voltages.


You can find the paper here:  Microscopy and Microanalysis